Our Clients

Since 1996, D & H has serviced clients from diverse industries, including large and small corporations, small businesses, school districts, state, city & county governments.

Currently D & H provides the following services:

  • Claims and consulting for the Statewide Insurance Fund: a group of over sixty New Jersey municipalities and counties throughout the state.
  • Worker’s Compensation claims administration for stand alone self-insured municipalities and counties employing over 10,000 employees in various job functions including police, paid and volunteer fireman, EMT, social service, public works and others.
  • Worker’s Compensation claims management for several, traditional insurance companies who outsource their claims adjusting functions. They realize significant cost savings while maintaining control over their claims.
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims Administration and Managed Care Program coordination for a safety group of small to medium size business representing various industries.
  • Worker’s Compensation claims administration for a stand-alone charitable organization of over 150 schools, churches, and cemeteries employing teachers, clergy, janitors, administrators and others.

Overall, D & H has the experience to work with employers
from public entities to private companies.

D & H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your company or entity are met.

To learn more, please contact us or call 973-940-1851