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Score an 'A', Score a ticket

Sussex Skyhawks

The reading program hits a homerun this year with over 11,000 students enrolled from more louboutin berlin than 40 different schools. Students participating in the program are from Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Bergen, Orange and Pike Counties.

The Score an ‘A’ event began four years ago as a way to reward students for their academic achievements. Since then it has become a major success and continues to grow each year. The educational enrichment program is designed to supplement the teachers’ current curriculum and fits well into all grade levels.

The way the program works is students receive a bookmark with four baseballs on it each requiring a signature. Once all four signatures have been obtained by completing the designated assignments the student is eligible to receive two tickets to the Skyhawks baseball game. The teacher has the discretion in which assignments will count towards the program and these can include reading or writing assignments, in-class assignments, homework, or tests. The program runs for ten weeks allowing teachers to use it on longer term assignments and more involved projects if desired.

This is a great opportunity for students and schools are encouraged to get involved. The program is funded completely by D&H Alternative Risk Solutions which means it is free for schools and students to participate. The winning school will receive a $1000 grant for their library. The winning school is chosen based on the percentage of participating students to their original enrollment. This enables all schools, irrespective of size, the opportunity to win this library grant.

Skyhawks mascot

Getting involved is extremely simple and only requires filling out an enrollment form. Once the organization receives the form all of the necessary materials needed for the program are sent to the class. The Skyhawks decide which games will become reading dates, and on those particular days students participating in the program will be eligible to attend using their free tickets. Enrollment was so large this season an additional third reading date was added for students who participated in the program.

Is your school enrolled?
Contact Karen Sayre at 973-940-1851 or to participate in this year's program!

If there are any further questions contact:
Ben Wittkowski
Sussex Skyhawks Professional Baseball
973-300-1000 x 18
Fax: 973-300-9000