Since 1996, D & H has serviced clients from diverse industries, including large and small corporations, small businesses, school districts, state, city & county governments.

Currently D & H provides the following services:

Claims Administration

D & H uses loss analysis techniques designed with risk managers as a data depository and a tool to help diagnose and prevent future losses. D & H adjusters are experienced in self-insurance claims handling and the unique needs of the clients.

Our experienced claims professionals will:

  • Enter all events in our state-of-the-art Claims Management System RiskMaster ©
  • Establish and maintain contact with the insured and claimant throughout the claim
  • Identify questionable and fraudulent claims Investigate and determine compensability
  • Establish a litigation plan
  • Provide standard and customized claims reports
  • Provide timely and accurate claim reserving
  • Pursue subrogation and third party recoveries
Learn More about Claims Administration

Safety & Loss Prevention

D & H programs provide on-site inspections and custom reports. We also work with our clients showing them how to conduct self-inspections and establish their own safety committee. We offer group presentations with experts in specific fields, which increases awareness of problem areas. Loss Prevention is a key to reducing both claim frequency and severity. The claim we prevent is the least expensive of all. Our loss control professional deals with both the physical site hazards and the human moral hazards. With the support of employees and management these programs will help our clients achieve a safer work environment. Learn More about Safety & Loss Prevention


D & H has assembled an expert staff of defense council to service our claims litigation. Our attorneys are well recognized in all the Worker’s Compensation jurisdictions. In addition, counsel is available for seminars on various claims topics. Learn More about Litigation

Insurance Consulting

We will assist our clients in choosing and setting up the appropriate alternative insurance program. This service includes guiding the customer through the process of submitting any required state filings or reports.

If traditional insurance is the best option for the client we will analyze their current coverage, verify premiums and provide cost saving tips. Learn More about Insurance Consulting

Medical Cost Containment

While we support the role of a medical professional in helping the injured worker, a broad program directed at cost containment will provide better long-term results and satisfaction. Learn More about Medical Cost Containment

Reinsurance Strategies

The foundation of a good self-insurance plan is an evaluation of the financial needs and capability of the client. Success will depend on the retention of risk by the client. Once we agree upon a prudent plan with our client to cover their losses and reserve financially for them, the foundation is in place. Then we recommend structuring reinsurance to protect them against the significant individual accident as well as the accumulation of claims in a fiscal year. Learn More about Reinsurance Strategies

Overall, D & H has the experience to work with employers
from public entities to private companies.

D & H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your company or entity are met.

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