Insurance Consulting

Insurance is not simply a good idea, it is vital to protect your livelihood, assets, family and business. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions will review your current insurance program and your current exposures and determine if the appropriate coverage’s are in place to protect you. While many people have similar businesses or personnel exposures our approach is that you are different and may very well need different coverage’s. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions has helped businesses of every size, from small start-ups to large corporations, and we will put this extensive experience to work for you. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions is a licensed insurance agency in the State of New Jersey and can secure coverage of all major lines of insurance to ensure appropriate coverage in areas of life, accident, sickness and health; property, workers compensation; general liability; and automobile .

D&H Alternative Risk Solutions serves as risk manager for government entities including counties, authorities, municipalities and boards of education. From large cities with thousands of employees to rural communities without standard municipal police coverage, D&H Alternative Risk Solutions has helped governmental entities obtain the best coverage for their specific demographic need, which is vital in an age of soaring insurance costs. We understand the need to balance cost control while ensuring accountability to the taxpayers of the respective entity. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions is also fortunate that its staff includes former and current members to boards of education, county authorities, and municipal government. The result of our efforts has led to enduring relationships with clients throughout New Jersey.

Overall, D & H has the experience to work with employers
from public entities to private companies.

D & H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your company or entity are met.

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