Reinsurance Strategies

Loss prevention is a key to reducing both claims frequency and severity. The claim that we prevent is the least expensive of all. Our loss control professional’s deal with both the physical site hazards and the human morale hazard. Through our on-site inspections and safety committees we discuss trends, hazards, training, and other mechanisms to create a safe environment for your employees and visitors.

D&H Alternative Risk Solutions believes strongly in proactive loss control and safety services. We have spent considerable time and assets developing reports which in concert with your management team can work towards a common goal of reduced insurance costs, reducing lost time to injuries, improved morale, including on-site inspections, recommendations, follow up inspections, and periodic loss control seminars. The focus and value of such reports and inspections prevent losses by identifying hazardous operations or conditions from prior experience and help you take proactive action to prevent accidents. This ensures a safer environment for all employees, visitors, controls cost, and increases employee morale.

Overall, D & H has the experience to work with employers
from public entities to private companies.

D & H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your company or entity are met.

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