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D&H Alternative Risk Solutions was formed in May of 1996 by Wayne Dietz and Susan Hammer and is based in Sussex County New Jersey. D&H Alternative Risk Solutions is a fully licensed Insurance Consulting and Third Party Administration Company. It is the intent of the corporation to provide insurance services to Joint Insurance Funds, Self-Insured accounts as well as private companies and captive or deductible insurance arrangements.

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D&H will work with you to see that the unique needs of your claims are met.

Score an 'A', Score a ticket

The reading program hits a homerun this year with over 11,000 students enrolled from more louboutin berlin than 40 different schools. Students participating in the program are from Sussex, Morris, Warren, Passaic, Bergen, Orange and Pike Counties.

The Score an ‘A’ event began four years ago as a way to reward students for their academic achievements. Since then it has become a major success and continues to grow each year. The educational enrichment program is designed to supplement the teachers’ current curriculum and fits well into all grade levels.

Score an 'A', Score a ticket

Students receive a bookmark with four baseballs, each needing a signature upon completion of designated assignments. Once all signatures are obtained, they can claim two tickets to a Skyhawks baseball game. Teachers select qualifying assignments such as reading, writing, in-class work, homework, or tests. The ten-week program accommodates longer assignments or projects. Sponsored by D&H Alternative Risk Solutions, it’s free for schools and students. The winning school earns a $1000 library grant based on participation percentage. Enrollment is simple with an online form. Skyhawks designate game days as reading dates for program participants.

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